RASTOGI FINSERVE (2016) has been carved out of Rastogi Stock Pvt. Ltd. which was established in 1995 and branched into the Mutual Fund industry in 2003. We have a client base of over 1000 Individuals/ HNIs from across the globe and are engaged into customized goal-oriented investment planning for them.

The primary focus is investment planning towards mutual funds and fixed income instruments, along with advisory and facilitation of in depth analysis of risk appetite of each individual/ HNI.

For Corporates, we render support via physical as well as online platform and help the corporate take a rational decision on where to park their liquid funds with best tax efficient returns.



SAMIR RASTOGI, the promoter of RASTOGI FINSERVE started his career in 2013 as an Equity Research Analyst at Copal Amba - A Moody's Analytics Company (earlier - Amba Research India Pvt Ltd). For his entire duration at Copal Amba, he rendered support to lead analysts at Morgan Stanley from various parts of the globe.


Your hard earned money, our hard work with financial insights, an epitome of a win-win scenario.


We, at RASTOGI FINSERVE offer a systematic approach to investments with high integrity, without the hassles of paperwork, to keep things straight forward. Our online portal helps improve transparency and operational effectiveness, which helps our clients to save time and make swift investment decisions.




Listening and Understanding (Defining relationship with the client)

We educate our clients regarding the Mutual Fund industry, its benefits and its offerings, address their queries and explain the depth of our services. We firmly believe in building a strong relationship with the client before planning investments for them.


Collect Client information

A detailed discussion with the client helps us get a holistic understanding of his/her ultimate investment goal. We provide tailor-made solutions by evaluating various parameters like time horizon, ability to take risk, future expectations, future obligations and any other specific requirement to the investor.


Analyzing the Information

We optimize the details to fulfill the clients’ requirements and expectations. Any conflict of interest is communicated to the client to give a realistic understanding.

Implementing Strategies in the Plan

A customized, unbiased and balanced portfolio with asset allocation suitable to the client’s requirement and expectations is offered and discussed with them.

Monitoring, Implementing and Reviewing

Profit booking is an equally important aspect when it comes to investing in equity oriented mutual funds. Re-balancing of the portfolio and keeping the portfolio away from non-performers is an integral part of the review process.